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Return policy

Quality guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the products your customer received get in touch within 10 days of receiving the item and we’ll do everything we can to investigate and find a solution. If you receive defective or damaged orders, such as damage to the delivered products, errors in the number or quantity of the delivered products, or lack of quality of the delivered product not caused by lack of quality of the content we will be happy to send a complimentary replacement order to you as quickly as possible

Color consistency

Our print partners use the same print machines, paper types, garments, and work processes to minimize color variations. Having said that, printing is a chemical process and 100% consistency cannot be achieved. Multiple factors influence the color, consistency, and final result: machine type, machine settings, humidity in the room, and when the machine was last cleaned, just to mention a few examples. Color variations that may occur due to the above-mentioned reasons lie within acceptable tolerance levels and are not covered under our quality guarantee.

Lost Orders Policy

For packages lost in transit, please contact us with us within 30 days from the estimated delivery date. We’ll be happy to send a replacement order on your behalf