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Received a damaged Canvas print? The colors on your new wall art are not good enough? The size of a canvas print is wrong? A t-shirt does not fit or is too loose? Your order lost in transit? If for any of these, or any other reasons you would like or need to contact us, please email us at the email address below:

[email protected]

We would also love to hear from you if everything is OK with your order! Please send us a photo of how to the canvas print looks like at your home or home office. Or send us a photo of yourself wearing one of our t-shirt on your scuba diving session.. Anything really, we’d love to know our customers.
As a complimentary gesture, we would give you a 15% off coupon for your next order for you loyalty if you provide us with any of the above!

Apart from the above email address, we’re also on socials. Feel free to message us on Facebook or Instagram with any of your questions. We should be able to respond immediately and address all your queries as soon as we possibly can 🙂