Cave diving

Cave diving in Malta is always special. The feeling you get as a diver passing through narrow passages without actually knowing what awaits around the corner is magnificent.

Maltese island have a lot to offer for cave divers. Billinghurst cave is one of them. This is actually the longest cave located on the northern part of Malta’s sister island – Gozo. It is so huge, that at some point you would not be able to see your entry point. This is scary! Ghar Lapsi is another popular cave is located in Malta, close to Siggiewi village. Numerous cracks in the ceiling allow light to pass through. This creates unique and very picturesque views every time you dive there…

The most popular cave in Malta is definitely the Santa Maria caves system. Santa Maria caves is a system of shallow (not exceeding 10 meters) caves and caverns on the northern side of Comino island that are connected to each other by underwater passages. Thanks to the shallow depth, the caves are popular with snorkelers as well, hence this place get very busy in summer months.

And that’s not all. There are numerous other caves, caverns and underwater grottoes worth visiting, if cave diving is what you are after.

On top of that – every photo below is a underwater wall art. This means that every single underwater picture can be ordered as a canvas print!