Marine life photos

There’s so much life hidden underwater: nudibranch, octopus, crabs, shells, shrimps, cuttlefishes, rays, amber jacks, barracudas, groupers – they all represent the vast marine life that is found in Maltese waters. And on top of that – all the marine life looks beautiful in photos.

Some might say – not even close to Red sea. This might be true… But there is still enormous amount of little (and not!) creatures that hide below sea level. It’s busy underwater any time of the year when numerous habitants do their daily routine. Be it a hermit crab looking for his new home, moray eel hunting for food, common stingray cruising right above the seabed or a white spotted octopus looking for his pray during the night… There’s something for everyone

They even say that dolphins are making a comeback to Maltese waters recently. You never know who you’re going to meet next time you’re underwater heading out of a cave or heading to a wreck. Marine life and the photos that you might take during your dive – is undoubtedly a great memory to keep.

On top of that – every photo below is a underwater wall art. This means that every single underwater picture can be ordered as a canvas print!