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General info

Belowsealevel – Underwater photography website is a collection of underwater images. All the images on the website are for sale as canvas prints or digital download, however there is no obligation to purchase them. Feel free to browse and enjoy the photos if buying underwater images is not your thing 🙂

The images listed on the website can be used in a variety of cases. You might be a divecenter looking for some underwater images to put up on your website. You might be a magazine/newspaper looking for wreck/cave/marine life photos to include in your article about diving in Malta. Or you might just want to buy a photo to hang on your wall or frame and put on your desk. All of these are valid scenarios and you are more than welcome to browse my collection and grab one or two underwater photos.

Digital downloads

You are free to use any of the purchased underwater photos how you wish to. All the images sold here are covered by the Royalty free (RF) licence.

Royalty free (RF) licence that covers all the photography on the website means that you are free to use the images just as you wish to. Putting them on your website for private or commercial use? Including photos in your article in newspaper or magazine? Printing them (professionally or at home) and hanging them on your wall? An answer to all these and all similar questions is Yes. There are absolutely no limits on how you can use the underwater photos.


Well, the postcards are… postcards! Literally the postcards you would expect to see in souvenir shops, but with underwater photos instead. Front side of the postcard is the photo of the scuba diving wreck, or any other underwater photography that you see and choose on the website. The other size (or, the back side) of the postcard contains a place for a stamp, a space for your home address and some free space for your remarks or notes. So yes, you can actually mail it to your self while on holiday on Malta!

The size of a single postcard is 127mm x 177mm. This size if perfect to actually have a reasonably large size print, yet it can still fit into common mailboxes that are all around.

The postcards are printed on a high quality 330gsm thick paper, with a matte finish so no glares would spoil the image 🙂

Overall, the quality of the postcard is just about what you would expect from a good postcard, no more no less.

Here is the photo of how the postcards you buy will look like ( sorry, wooden stand not included 🙂 )

Underwater postcards

Absolutely, you can get up to 10 postcards at once. This will not affect the shipping price anyhow.

We are sorry about that, yet it happens sometimes. In this case we will either send you another postcard (free of charge, of course) or issue full refund. Please see our Refund policy for more information and do not hesitate to contact us.

All the postcards will be shipped in hard back cardboard envelopes to ensure that the postcard arrives to you exactly in the same condition as we wanted it to be. More info on shipping can be found in the Shipping section of the website


We partner up with Stripe – an e-commerce payment provider. As a result we accept all major credit card brands (Visa/MasterCard etc) as well as both Apple Pay and Google Pay payment options.

Yes it very much is. We do not store any information regarding your payment method. All the payment information (like credit card number or expiry date) is sent directly to Stripe (our payment processor) over a secured connection. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to claim your money back. More info on this is in the Refund policy and in Return policy section

Placing an order

That depends on what you bought!

If you ordered a canvas print – you will get a canvas print, if you ordered a t-shirt – you’ll get a t-shirt, easy as that 🙂

if your order was for a Digital download, then after making a purchase and completing the payment, you will receive a .zip (archive) file with an image that you purchased. You will need to extract the image file from the archive. All modern operating systems have the built in functionality to do this fully or semi automatic. Just double click on the .zip (archive) file.

If you ordered a postcard, the you would receive a postcard at your home address. We would need 1-2 days to pack and post your postcard of course. We will try our best to decrease this time as much as possible!

Yes, all images are sold as a .jpg file that you are free to use as you wish. These .jpg files can be opened on any operating system by any image viewing software that you already have built in into your system.

Some of the photos on the website could be purchased as postcards. These photo will have a line saying: This photo can be ordered as a postcard!

Underwater photography quality

In order to save web traffic and to optimise website loading speed and performance, I use commonly adopted techniques to reduce the image sizes.

I apply some optimisations to serve you closest size of the image based on your device. This can result in you seeing some of the images blurry at some point. However, most of the visitors would not notice any difference but would only enjoy the accelerated website loading speed.

Absolutely NOT. The above mentioned techniques only apply on the images you see on the website. The photos or canvas prints that you purchase are original, full size photos without any compression or quality loss.

In case of a digital download this is another reason why all the photos you buy on the website would come packed in the .zip file. This way we can guarantee that you get exactly the same underwater photo as we would like you to have. Byte to byte 🙂

Physical prints

I am planning to implement a photo printing solution. I am currently exploring different options in order to make sure that only the top quality underwater prints will end up at my customers hands.

Yes, all the images on the website are now available as shiny canvas prints!

My question is not in the Underwater photography FAQ...

If after reading the Underwater photography FAQ you still have questions. If something has not been covered here, or you simply have anything to say – please do contact us.

We would get back to you as soon as possible (normally within couple of hours) 🙂