Wreck diving

Wreck diving is definitely a Maltese underwater gem. There’s just so many of them for any diver’s level. The ones definitely worth paying a visit are Um El Faroud in Zurrieq, P29 in Cirkewwa, P31 in Comino and of course MV Karwela in Gozo, famous for it’s staircase.

Um El Faroud is the biggest recreation diving wreck. She is 110 meters in length and is a former Lybian motor tanker. She was scuttled following an explosion in 1995 and now is a home for numerous underwater creatures. Penetrating the wreck is also possible on numerous levels.

P29 is patrol boat wreck that lies in Cirkewwa at about 38 meters. Next to it is another wreck – Tugboat Rozi, and a famous Cirkewwa arch. Cirkewwa dive site is very popular among divers in summer, so you might want to come early to secure a parking place.

P31 is similar to P29. It is much more suitable for novice divers as the maximum depth does not exceed 20 meters. Unfortunately, this is a boat dive only, so you would need a local dive center to get you there.

Last but not the least is the MV Karwela famous for it’s staircase. This is probably the deepest recreational wreck. Maximum depth slightly exceeds 40 meters, making it only available for deep divers.

There’s a ton more in wreck diving around Maltese islands, both for recreational and for technical divers. Good thing to know is that most of the deeper, technical dive wrecks require a permit that you can acquire from the list of Approved dive schools.

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