Nudibranch is arguably the most beautiful underwater creature that exist out there. They are so small, that often remain unnoticed by the divers. Some attention is required to find them hanging on the sea grass or crawling on the sand.

A careful diver can spot a nudibranch easily, thanks to their extraordinary, colorful soft bodies. Purple, pink, white, orange… you name it. There’s always a nudibranch for any color.

Taking a good photo of a nudibranchs however require some good buoyancy skills. Thanks to their tiny size they are very prone to underwater currents. Hence finding them steadily posing for a good photo it a trivial task for any underwater photographer.

Nudibranchs are also often called sea slugs. They mostly inhabit salt water, and prefer warmer seas. You can spot them literally at any depth ranging from shallow waters to greater depths.

So keep you eyes open on the next dive and look closer. That tiny purple dot on the wreck can be a nudibranch!