Jellyfish are found all over the world. From shallow waters to lower depths. Jellyfish are mainly free swimmers, meaning that they flow with the current or tide. Majority of species consist of a umbrella-like shaped bells and long (sometimes very long!) tentacles.

Maltese waters are home for a number of jellyfish species. 2 most popular species are Mauve stinger and Fried-egg. The first one is known for causing high irritation if touched and is the cause of almost all “stings” in Malta. The latter, apart from a fun fried egg-like look, is generally harmless. There are of course other species but they are quite uncommon.

There is a very good document provided by the University of Malta on all the jellyfish species, occurrence probability, most active periods and the irritation level upon contact. The document also contains some interesting information or jellyfish lifeycle and why do  they sting. I just can’t recommend it enough. Every diver should go through it at least once and memorize the most dangerous species. This will help to minimize any risks whilst underwater. Knowing who to look out for is a way to go for responsible diver.