Imagine being a nomad and always carrying everything you need with you. This is exactly who hermit crab is. Due to their fragile body, hermit crab always (or almost always) carry it’s home right on his back. They must do that to protect themselves from other underwater creatures. Their exoskeleton is so weak that if they don’t have a strong, solid place to hide – they are defenseless.

The favorite shell for any hermit crab is a seashell. Most hermit crabs are nocturnal creatures, but that does not mean you can’s see them during the day. There are plenty of them on every dive you do in Maltese waters. If you’re lucky – you can even spot them fighting for a good maiden shell. It is known for a fact that 2 hermit crabs left together can kill each other for a good shell.

Most of the crabs are small in size. As they grow and their current home becomes too tight, they start hunting for a bigger one. When found, a hermit crab will first observe his new treasure, and will move in there if the size is good and comfortable. Otherwise he will return to his current home and continue his search. If the shell is not big enough – this will pose a safety risk as the crab might not be able to fully hide inside in case of danger. If the shell is too big – it might be hard for a crab to carry it.

You can spot hermit crabs, or just crabs literally everywhere. They prefer salt sea water and reside both in shallow waters and on a deeper side. The also enjoy exploring the wrecks – just as we all here!